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LibraryHippo 2020 - Recap and decision

In each of last six articles I've satisfied one of the high-risk requirements I had for moving LibraryHippo to the Flask framework, with the goal of hosting it on Heroku. This leaves three "softer" requirements open, which I'll address here.

(Aside: It feels a little weird working on this conversion …

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LibraryHippo 2020 - Social Login

I now have a functioning skeleton of a shadow LibraryHippo site. The last gaping hole is that it treats every visitor the same. We need to be able to distinguish one user from the next and to retain information about them between visits, such as which family they belong to …

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LibraryHippo 2020 - Sending Email from Heroku

After getting a do-nothing web app running on Heroku, I think the riskiest requirement is having a scheduled job for LibraryHippo to check families' status and notify them. However rather than trying to satisfy that requirement, this time I'm going to try to set up email sending, mostly because it …

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LibraryHippo 2020 - A Bare-bones Flask App

Last time I laid out the uncertainties that have to be explore before I want to try hosting LibraryHippo on Heroku. Here they are again, roughly in descending order of importance and risk:

  1. web app hosting
  2. scheduled jobs
  3. scraping library websites on users' behalf
  4. a small (perhaps a few MB …

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