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LibraryHippo 2020 - Unit Tests

Now that I've completed all my spikes and decided to move forward, I'd like to add a little more rigour to the project. Original LibraryHippo had a comprehensive suite of unit tests and I'll port them over (and perhaps augment them with integration tests). Today I'll add the first unit …

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Why I Teach Git Using Only the Command Line

At the Day Job, we're about to transition something like 150 Subversion repos to a single git monorepo. Part of my contribution will be training several tens of git-unaware developers in my office on the basics of working with git.

I was chatting about training approaches with my counterpart in …

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LibraryHippo 2020 - Recap and decision

In each of last six articles I've satisfied one of the high-risk requirements I had for moving LibraryHippo to the Flask framework, with the goal of hosting it on Heroku. This leaves three "softer" requirements open, which I'll address here.

(Aside: It feels a little weird working on this conversion …

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LibraryHippo 2020 - Social Login

I now have a functioning skeleton of a shadow LibraryHippo site. The last gaping hole is that it treats every visitor the same. We need to be able to distinguish one user from the next and to retain information about them between visits, such as which family they belong to …

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