Ed's Famous Seafood Chowder

butter for frying
3 big potatoes
1 12 oz can frozen lobster
1 can clams
2 onions
1 can mushrooms
½ lb haddock
175 g sea scallops
½ lb baby shrimp
black pepper
¼ oyster sauce
1½ c 10% cream
  1. Cube potatoes.
  2. Add clam and lobster juice to a Dutch oven, squeezing lobster can well.
  3. Boil potatoes in clam and lobster juice until almost cooked. Do not drain.
  4. Drain mushrooms, discarding juice.
  5. Dice onions and fry with butter.
  6. Cook lobster meat in butter.
  7. Cut larger scallops into manageable pieces.
  8. Add onions, lobster, clams, mushrooms, haddock, scallops, and shrimp to Dutch oven.
  9. Add pepper and oyster sauce to Dutch oven.
  10. Cook on low until seafood is done.
  11. Cool chowder.
  12. Optional - refigerated and eat the next day.
  13. Add creeam to chowder and reheat.

Makes about 8 bowls.

Stolen from Ed.