Brandon Sanderson - Good author and class act

I won't talk about every book I read here - that's what Goodreads is for. However, every once in a while something exceptional's bound to come up, and I'll be compelled to mention it here. This is one such thing. Anyone who's talked to me this year will have heard how much I enjoyed Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn Trilogy. Individually, they're very good books, but as a whole, they're exceptional - the planning Mr. Sanderson put into the books ties them together to provide a tight, compelling read, the likes of which I rarely see. Anyhow, before Christmas, Mr. Sanderson offered the Gift of Mistborn for 10 days - buy 7 signed, hard cover, first edition Mistborn: The Final Empire for $70US, plus shipping. I thought this was a tremendous deal and convinced a coworker to go in on it with me.

A few days after I ordered, I received an e-mail saying that Mr. Sanderson had accidentally signed and personalized the entire trilogy for me, so he'd be sending me those as well. And sure enough they arrived just after Christmas, looking absolutely beautiful.

This was a very generous thing to do. He could've said, "Ooops, I ruined those copies," and sold them at a discount or ground them up and burnt them to heat his house. Instead, he poured more of his own money into shipping the books to Canada, just to make me happy.